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Is Medishare real health coverage?
Health sharing is not insurance, but it is observed by the U.S. Health & Human Services as coverage and is a legal substitute instead of health insurance. You are required to have some type of health coverage, but not health insurance by government law.
What are Medical Sharing Plans?
Healthcare sharing plans are alternatives offered to people with faith to assist and ease the cost of medical expenses. Medical Sharing simplifies the cost for families/individuals on coverage plans. Our plans are ACA exempt and are widely cheaper than the cost of insurance.
How Long Have Medical Sharing Plans Existed?
Medical sharing plans have been available since as early as 1993. As a reminder, anyone on the medishare plan is NOT subject to tax penalty. These plans are 100% valid coverage.
Is Medishare Plan Right for Me and My Family?
Our agents are ready to answer any of your questions today. They will navigate you and suit your needs. Medishare plan may not be for everyone but does fit the price and coverage most people want.